Monday, December 11, 2006

Future Trend: More Designers for India and China

Many countries have established design policies that promote Design and the training of designers as an integral part of their national education policy.

America does not have a national design policy, at best issues around design and design education are left to professional organizations (i.e. AIGA, IDSA) to address. So as nations compete to grow their national economies would America benefit from developing a uniform policy of its own?

In other words, as with industries like the textile or automobile, will we leave American companies to compete against nation states on their own? Will American companies answer be to export their design work? Will individual designers have difficulty competing with peers trained overseas?

India Invests in Design Education

India's Design Policy


Harry said...

These continues represent the future (and I would add Brazil). We need to keep up or be surprised when we are left behind.

Harry said...

These COUNTRIES (and I would add Brazil) represent the future right now. We need to pay attention and keep up or be surprised when we are left behind.