Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Design Classic: Packaging

A well thought through design doesn't end with the product itself, but also considers how it is contained and received by the consumer.

The Coca-Cola "waisted" bottle designed by Alexander Samuelson and introduced in 1915 was not it's first bottle but it is the one most associated with the product.

It has become an global icon not only for the company but for American beverages.

The Story of the Contoured Bottle

Earlier Bottles

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Anonymous said...

It should be noted, Alexander Samuelson was not the designer of the 1915 contour bottle. It was Earl E. Dean. For some still unknown reason, Chapman J. Root allowed Samuelson's name to be put on the patent. Usually he would have his son's name put on the bottle patents. Refs: http://www.vigo.lib.in.us/vcplarchive/inventories/business/earldean.htm

Jeff Dean