Thursday, April 29, 2010

Graphic Design: Capturing Obama's Words

The progressive design firm, Hyperakt, of Brooklyn NY received recognition for it rhetoric poster series by the American Institure of Graphic Artist (AIGA) recently.

This series is a good example of the power of words and typography as communication tools. The highlighting of key words doubles the emphasis of the message while keeping it within the context to the original speech.

Hyperakt Studio Website

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The New and Improved $100 Bill

The dominate design criteria shaping the look of U.S. paper currency is obviously security. The intent of the new security features are to make counterfeiting more difficult and easier to spot by the trained eye.

Security Features in U.S. Currency

Article: New $100 Bill

Research Leads to Glasses for Children in Mexico

"Research showed that 11% of children were not learning simply because they could not read blackboards or books. The company found that in schools in states such as Morelos, Sonora and Chiapas up to 70% of pupils needed glasses.

Augen teamed up with the Mexican government to launch a programme along the lines of BĂ©har's OLPC, called See Well to Learn Better."

The Guardian

The plan is to provide 400,000 free pairs of glasses every year.

Article: Popular Science Magazine

Graphic Design: Updating NASA Logo

Five designers share there revision of NASA's 51 year old logo. The logo remains me of a Jetison's cartoon aesthetic that anticipated 20 century space travel. Given that the space program is being revamp as I type, what might a 21st century space program embody?

New Logo Ideas

What Constitute's Good Design in the 21st Century?

The conversation on what is good design seems to be adding another layer to the evaluation of products as good design or not, that of sustainability.

Article: Cool Green or Both?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Information Design: Airline Boarding Pass

Navigating a airport can be made easier if only a little design was applied to each step of the process. Here is a before and after view of improving the boarding pass, by organizing the information passengers look for in a way that supports their inquiry could make at least one piece of the experience less vexing.

See Other Designs Here

Monday, April 19, 2010

Package Design: Puma's Shoe Box/Bag

A step in the right direction, reducing waste by reducing the materials needed in the packaging of Puma products.

CNN Article: Clever Little Bag

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fashion Design: The Michele Obama Effect

The design industry has looked to Michele Obama as a means to boost it fortunes, the one's that know for sure are the designer's whose pieces Mrs. Obama has worn.

Her thoughtful choices have included a mix of high fashion, including some of the classic names in the business, as well as fresh newbies who are now the talk of the town where getting noticed is one of the greatest challenges.

If you would like to keep tabs on Michele's fashion choices see the site below.

Website Tracking Mrs. O's Fashions

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Miniature Models of Design Classics

I love the idea of small models of furniture classics. I seem cool to be able to design a space in three dimension without committing to the cost of experimenting in full scale.

I love the idea of small models of furniture classics. I seem cool to be able to design a space in three dimension without committing to the cost of experimenting in full scale.

As a work to furnish a home this idea really resinates with me, to have a scale model of my living space so that I can move furniture, hanging art without the true cost and effort.

NYTimes Article: Modern Design, in Miniature

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Apple iPad is Here

Ok now that Apple's latest device and software is here what does it mean?

Well the publishing world is waiting with baited breathe to see if it will change the tide of customers moving from print to web.

iPad Magazine Art Direction from Brad Colbow on Vimeo.

The video shows the potential for magazines to exploit this new media in a way that adds richness to the users experience. A published document will no longer be just what's on the printed page but now it will have the support of the internet just a few finger taps away. The opportunity for the designer is to fully make use of this tool in a way that allows users to explore beyond a static digital page.

Opinion: Typrography Overlooked on the iPad

Thursday, April 01, 2010

2010 Winter Olympic Medals

I think the Olympic Medals for the Vancover games are the most attractive I ever noticed.

The etched pattern is part of a larger image, so each medal is ulitimately connected to the others. The undulating surface (not visible in the adjoining photo) is also a please surprise. As is the soft coloring of the gold, silver and bronze.