Thursday, December 15, 2011

Auto Design: Aston Martin One -77

The beauty of a well portioned car is a marvel to gaze upon. The Aston Martin super car has great detailing and portions, as does the latest version of the Camero. Getting the right portions is not easy and so I appauled both these vehicles for providing me with very nice eye candy.

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Auto Design:

Magazine Cover Design

The graphic designer, Shepard Fairey, who came to national attention with his design of the Obama 2008 campaign poster was tapped to create the Time magazines Person of the Year cover.

Shepard Fairey Designs Time's Person of the Year Cover

Friday, December 09, 2011

An Innovative Disposable Cup

This is a great idea that the likes of McDonald's and other fast food companies should consider adopting. The all-paper design has a built-in lid with sipping spout and is called, Compleat by its designer Peter Herman.

Fast Company Article

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Rapper Reflects of the Eames House

Pacific Standard Time, a collaborative project launched this past October and including over 60 cultural institutions across Southern California, celebrates the birth of the Los Angeles art scene.

NYTimes Article: Ice Cube on Eames