Saturday, August 15, 2009

Video: Heartless by The Fray

This video pays homage to the time old tradition of sketching as an effective tool when your physically held hostage( i.e. classroom/ work meetings) freeing the mind to travel elsewhere or tackle more pressing issues of the heart.

The FRAY - Heartless from IE HAGY on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Design History: Carl Hansen Lounge Chair

Here is beautiful chair with an interesting history. I am not sure when I first noticed the CH07, but I did take the opportunity this summer to sit on one at NeoCon's furniture tradeshow.

"Wegners three-legged shell chair was originally introduced in 1963. A few limited series were produced, but the project soon came to a stand still. The 90s brought a growing interest in chairs of more individual designs. The chair was relaunched in 1997 and fortunately the new manufacturer had been able to keep down the costs. These two factors in combination resulted in an increasing market, and after 34 years oblivion the chair finally got its breakthrough. As a curiosity it is worth mentioning that one of the original shell chairs from the 60s was sold at 104.000 Danish Kroner at Christies in London in 1999. At the same time a chair from the resumed production was sold in a Danish furniture store at 8.000 Danish Kroner. Not only is the CH07 Shell Chair beautiful and unique, but it is also incredibly comfortable! The perfect fusion of form and function, this is a piece of furniture you will cherish for years to come.

Seat and back are made of formpressed plywood shells. The 3 legs consist of a laminated construction, the 2 front legs are made of one continuous piece and the hind leg is a separate element. To enhance the comfort Wegner has added 2 upholstered cushions which are fastened to the shell with screws from the back."

Danish Furniture

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Essay: Seattle Central Library: Civic Architecture in the Age of Media

Amy Murphy writes an interesting piece on the influence of media and its impact on Architecture.

"While all of technology might be involved in this inversion to some extent, media technology has had the most powerful impact on the general population and its relationship to urban experience. Media today is more mediatory than ever, insinuating itself between us and everything else. In particular, digitization has created a situation where media is now not only a means by which we understand the world (as with traditional media like newspapers), but increasingly the means by which we experience it. Even when we visit real urban spaces such as Times Square, the plurality of experience suggested by the two words “public city,” has been slurred into one word — “publicity.” Through this slurring, the larger experiential potentials of architecture, as well as media, more often than not become diminished."
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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Bike Design: Another Folding Bike

The question of how to provide urban dwellers with a viable solution for personal transportation seems to be on the minds of many. The IF Mode folding bike from Pacific Cycles, based in Taiwan is the latest attempt to make a bike easier to live with and transport when not in use.

Metropolis Article

Houseware Design: The Element Grill by Fuego

From a relatively new player in the world of high-end home products Fuego introduces a moderately priced grill for the aspiring high-end connoisseur. The Element fuses functionally and aesthetics that can make out door grilling less of a fuss.

The Element Grill

NYTimes Article

Apartment Therapy Review

Fuego Website

Fancy Feet

I like distinctive footwear and FiveFingers by Vibram fits that description. They appear idea for folks that practice yoga, or maybe they can help others escape their flip flop fixation.

Wired Review

FiveFingers Website