Friday, December 08, 2006

Design Strategy: Nintendo Game Console

After a few weeks on the market Nintendo's game console (Wii) seems to be changing the game and getting gamers' off the couch. By making the right decisions about the placement of their product in the market Nintendo could ensure the continued growth of their business.

Their decisions appear to have considered the users gaming experience and wallet over flashy technological features on this go-round. This not only leveraged their position as underdog, against to large revivals that have price their systems much higher, but they have taken the lead in redefining the gaming experience. Therefore, Nintendo is likely to draw in new users and add, if not, convert existing Sony and Xbox owners.

Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft is one Strategy Better?

Nintendo Users Dilemma

Wii Straps

Wii Demo:

How it WorksHow It Works

Bottom Line Numbers

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