Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Design Strategy: Samsung’s design chief, Sunghan Kim

Kim grasps the complexity of the digital ecosystem in which designer must navigate, he calls it a platform economy.

Each ecosystem partner is jostling to maximize the value it can capture along the customer journey. Not only are many of their platform stakeholders also competitors, some that don’t pose threats today might become forces to be reckoned with tomorrow. Even platform owners have to walk a fine line: They have to open their product enough to attract partners and profit while ensuring that they retain control. This multisided market of buyers and sellers of hardware, software, service, distribution, and advertising then needs to be re-created for new areas for innovation.

Fast Company Article: Ecosystems Rule Over Products Now...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Google Moves into Hardware

With the purchase of the California based product design firm Mike & Maaike and the recent acquisition Google appears to be strengthening its position in the mobile device space.

Businessweek Article: Google is Now a Hardware Company

Wired Article: Goolge Finally Closes $12.5B Takeover...

Fashion Design: The State of Men's Undergarments

Behold the Frigo No. 1, as the new design is called, the first underwear with an interior mesh pouch that is suspended from elastic straps, so it can be adjusted to fit different characteristics of the male anatomy. It’s sort of like a bra with one cup. Also, the waistband and leg holes are bonded to resist bunching, and laser-cut vents placed along the lower back allow for aeration.

NYTimes Article: Victor's Secret

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Book: 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design

The prolific design writer Steven Heller with design critic Veronique Vienne comes 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design -- a thoughtfully curated inventory of abstract concepts that defined and shaped the art and craft of graphic design, each illustrated with exemplary images and historical context.

Teaching design thinking and mentoring high school students

Marty Linder’s long-running iDo program that pairs San Francisco State University students with Bay Area high school students to imbue the latter school’s curriculum with healthy doses of design thinking and design practice.

Jefferson Award Winner: Martin Linder

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The winners of the National Design Awards 2012 were just announced, and the list contains many interesting people.

Cooper Hewitt Web Page

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Book Design: Water Matters

The decision to use information graphics to tell the story of water conservation makes the subject approachable in way that just maybe more people will learn and practice better water usage.
Eddie Opara's New Work

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Mogul as Designer: Brookland Nets Logo

It is increasing common that a entertainer moves into "designing" (aka putting their stamp of approval) on something. This time the hip-hop mogul and part owner of the Brookland Nets basketball team is reported as the designer of the team's new logo.

The new Nets logos have a vintage feel to them and are clear in identifying the place, team and sport it is intended to represent. The element of not is the colors, black and white, making the Nets the only basketball if not sport team with this particular color scheme.

Washington Post Article: Brookland Nets to don black and white