Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Design Classic: Togo Sofa by Michel Ducaroy

In 1973 French designer Michel Ducaroy introduced the first fully foam settee for the furniture manufacture Ligne Roset. I find this sofa shouts causal comfort with a bold and modern design sensibility.

The question ask myself would this low profile couch fit into my living room space?

Ligne Roset

Auto Design: Update of the Jeep CJ3B

Entrepreneur Jonathan Ward is rethinking some auto industry classics. First out of the garage is an updated version of the army jeep.

Icon's Website

NYTimes Article: The $80,000 Army Jeep

Q&A with Icon CEO

Friday, June 25, 2010

Product Design: New Versions of The Air Multiplier

James Dyson continues to lead in producing innovative updates to practical household products. It is rare that a single person is able to maintain control from concept to manufacture. Dyson develops and patents the technology, design's and manufactures the product leverages his brand to secure top line distribution.

Product Video and Consumer Reactions

AM02 Tower Fan

Monday, June 14, 2010

Toy Design: The Vuvuzela

The talk of the World Cup Soccer Games is not the colorful uniforms of the players but the plastic trumpet, known as the vuvuzela.

According to SouthAfricainfo, the vuvuzela may be a descendant of the kudu horn - "blown to summon African villagers to meetings." One of its modern day chief manufacturers/distributors, however, Boogieblast, has an entirely different story:

"The vuvuzela was introduced to South Africa as a toy for kids to blow, and hardly got off the ground. Selling the vuvuzela proved almost impossible, until the full potential was realized by the local soccer supporters.

The first prototype was from America and changed somewhat for more comfortable blowing and effectiveness. We have researched the history of the Vuvuzela, and follows a trail back to a women's Chinese basketball team, AMAZING...

The word, VUVUZELA, was first used by a few soccer supporters. There are many claims to what the word really means, but more generally it means to pump up one's performance in a truly South African manner."

A High Volume Business

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Getting a Product to Market?

After you have settled on a great idea what's next?

This is where so many aspiring designers have stop short of fully committing to their idea as a solution that others will purchase.

Article: Finding a Manufacture vs. Licensing the Design

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Product Review: Composting Made Simple?

Caring for the environment is growing, and products that support that goal should do well in the marketplace.

Composting is one way to reduce food waste, energy and enrich the earth (literally). NatureMill is betting that consumers are ready to add a new appliance to their kitchens - a composer.

Product Review Food Composer

NatureMill's Website

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Product Designer: Todd Bracher

As with most professions there are the rock stars and the rising stars, Todd Bracher falls into the latter category.

And as product designers go he is being anointed as the next great American designer. His intentional training balanced aesthetic does set him in a position to rock.

Todd's Studio Website