Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Logo Design: How Google Got its Color

The designer, Ruth Kedar, of one of the most recognized logo's developed in the last decade explains how the logo changed before its final design.
Wired Article

Google 10 Year Anniversary

Exhibition: Design and the Elastic Mind

This show(Feburary 24 to May 12,2008) organized by MoMA's Paula Antonelli takes a look at the intersection of design and technology providing both micro and macro perspectives on the opportunities just around the corner.

NYTimes Article

MoMA Site

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Designing Overseas

The following article highlights the point that gaining international experience is invaluable and if you can, just do it.


Scot Laughton's Website

Friday, February 08, 2008

Fashion Design: The Question Still Remains

It is my opinion that fashion design is unique aomng the design professions, because it is affected by so many subjective influences it falls in a gray space between Art and Design.

Beyond my personal opinions, each year the compliants about NYC Fashion Week seem to repeat themselves and don't move far from past traditions.

But this year Sean John (aka: Puffy) is planning a show that will only feature models of color. This is in contrast to the runway shows of most every other designer showing in NYC, Paris and Italy. The complaint has been voiced for decades that models of color are rarely used during these fashion events. And so, it is a hiphop mogul who is hightlighting the narrowness of the conventional wisdom that shapes so many shows and how it doesn't reflect the potential of the marketplace.

Backstage Video

Sean John (Combs) Profile

Article: Backstage with Sean Combs

Article: The Independent

Vogue Italia - Black Spring

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Multi-Media Design: A Different Type of Political Approach

Communication Design has replaced Graphic Design as the term that best describes the opportunity for designs to convey a message.

Technology has expanded the number of tools designers can leverage to reach an audience.

Here is a different type of campaign advertisement that effectively uses words, music, and graphics elements to reach a generation of voters through the internet. The target group could very well change the political direction of the country if they are moved to participate in this year elections.

Yes We Can Video

An Analysis of the Video

Time Article

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Design Strategy: Apple's Influence

It is note worthy to follow the introduction of an Apple product and recognize the amount of free publicity it is afforded.

Their new products are met with anticipation and covered in media as diverse as can be desired: newspapers, local and national television programs, cable, online blog's etc.. This no doubt leaves other company marketing heads envious of the millions of dollars of free ink that is provided to what is sometimes a competitor.

So two weeks age when Apple unveiled its Macbook Air laptop at Macworld, an annual event crafted to present all things Apple to the marketplace. The Air, and its story as the thinnest computer on the market, is routinely given coverage in the financial media outlets because of the response the stock market has to their announcements.

The IPhone Changes the Industry

Job's Interview

Friday, February 01, 2008

Product Design: Trash Can

Once again when a common problem is addressed so gracefully it then seems amazingly obvious.

This trash can is not only attractive, easy to manufacture, easy to clean it also allows the use of different sized plastic bags and hides them from view.

Tubelor Trashcan