Monday, January 08, 2007

New Product: Cordless Bagless Hand Vac

In October 2006, I thought Dyson's, Root 6, entry into the hand vac category was a viable contender for the best solution. But, Black and Decker (BD) has bested them with it newest model, an integrated solution that fits easily into a home environment.

It is both powerful and easy to use with its handle placed behind and above the motor. The materials and color are superior to those used on the Root 6.

But, the most thoughtful feature, is that the unit is self contained. The pivoting nozzle allows additional flexibility without much effort and the hinged door allows the collected content to be removed with a shake. Finally, the recharging stand provides a nice resting place for the unit when not in use. My conclusion, the BD's Pivot Vac is a much better product and priced at least half of what you would pay for the Root 6.

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