Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Apple: Introduces A New Product

I continue to encourage friends and family who haven't been persuade to purchase an Apple computer to do so. And, that their loyality to the PC is over rated, especially when the device or the software undermines their stated goal. (Ok, I know that price is often the deciding factor for most purchase decisions, but let me get back on my soapbox.)

So as Apple introduces its iphone, I expect to hear the chorus of family and friends singing that a phone is a phone what's so different about this one.

The expectation when Apple introduces a product is that it will include something unique and valuable that users will appreciate and which will separate it from all other offerings. This does not mean that any of the technology is new, but it is the arrangement of elements that makes their products special. (Mp3's where around before the ipod, but the introduction of an elegant device and service (itunes) that made assessing and playing digital files helped changed the face of music.)

I do not know if Apples newest product will revolutionize phones, but I do hope it is a step closer to a better one.

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Harry Avnon said...

After I gave up my resistance to having a cell phone, my last stand is against a "fancy" phone that does tricks. I find that people use then at inapropriate times (during dinner, at parties while standing in a group conversing). However, the iphone has caught my interest. Still I think I'll wait for the next genration befroe I jump in with both feet. Love you site. peace