Wednesday, January 31, 2007

How Will Technology Reach The Developing World?

There is a growing public debate, if not race, to reach the billions of people living in developing nations that have yet to be touched by information technology. The most notably attempt to directly impact the disconnected is led by Nicholas Negroponte of M.I.T. media lab.

His proposal is to produce a low cost, below $100, computer in which countries would purchase and distribute to their children. Can corporations resist the tempation that these markets represent and not let the $$ undermine the intent? What is a sustainable solution to this complex mix of issues?

Where does design practipate in solving this problem? Is it limited to the hardware and software concerns only, and not involved in reflecting cultural values or the enhancing the quality of life for billions of people. Designer can contribute at any level of the inquiry.

Who Will Wire the World

An Updated Interface

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