Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bike Design: Trek's Chainless Bike

Instead of a drive chain made up of metal linkages and up to 3,000 individual parts, chainless bikes utilize a carbon belt similar to the drive belt on motorcycles and snowmobiles. (They're manufactured by the same Denver-based company that makes drive belts for Harley-Davidson.)

The carbon belt has a number of advantages over a traditional chain: lighter weight (80 grams vs. 300-400 grams), longer lasting (3 years vs. 1 year), minimal stretch, and lower maintenance (no lube required!). Belt drive systems are virtually silent and rarely catch pant cuffs, making them a good choice for commuters.

The carbon belt is a great solution for single speed bike like Trek's bike design with the urban commuter in mind, but it not yet ready for use on multiple speed bikes.

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