Thursday, May 31, 2007

Revolution in Aviation - Micro Jets

The growth in the number of Very Light Jets (VLJ) landing at regional airport has been propelled by the development of small, efficient but powerful jet engines.

Amazing as it might seem, I had a design planning class that tasked teams to look into various aspects of the emerging small plane industry in 2001. It was the same week as September 11, and no one in the class saw a value in considering any proposal that would result in encouraging more planes to leave the ground. The class petitioned for a different subject but to no avail.

So to Larry Keeley's credit he asked the class to continue on, in his view this "disruptive technology" had the potential to change the airline industry. And to my surprise, it actually proved to be one of my fondest memories of my graduate studies. The synergy on the team produced a presentation and solution that was so "tight" that it became the envy of our peers.

Popular Mechanics Article

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