Monday, May 28, 2007

Typography: Assignment III - Step 3 Results

The second step taken on the way to developing an identity for a chosen retail was to research the company to understand: how it view itself, its history, its direction and how it is perceived by the public at-large. Each student was to used their insights from step 1 (found type exercise) and their research (step 2)to develop a series of concept directions from which they would select one (step 3).

What I found was that at the end of the second step most students had closed in on a driving concept though it was not initially clear to them that they had. The student who selected the catalog retailer EastBay the concept was the idea of directionality and how to express that in the company logo. By tilting the 'e' counter clockwise he was able to incorporate direction in the solution.

For another student, updating the retailer Old Navy's logo was to work in a nautical theme into the logo. The student's solution incorporated sails, patriotic colors and shadows to convey her key concept.

Another retailer, Forever 21, the student discovered that the aspiration of many young women idealize the age of 21 and once reaching it wanted to remain there, and so incorporating the infinity symbol in the company's logo became the goal.

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