Saturday, April 14, 2007

Typography: Assignment III - Step 1 Results

For the third assignment, I wanted my class to experience how type fits into a companies public identity.

The first step on the path to developing an identity package for a self-selected retailer, was to use found type (type from newspapers, magazines etc.) and images to create a 11x17" composition capturing the personality/brand of the retailer.

Amazingly, the students found this approach to be challenging and were uncomfortable with being asked to find, think and compose a solution with preexisting type. But the results surprised many by the discovery of new insights and possible solution directions for developing a new identity for their retailer.

The goal was to lead the students to think about the company as well as to look at type from various sources that would inspire new ways of envisioning the company. The composition along with the second part of the assignment which was to research the retailer, would serve as the source from which they would develop concepts for a new logo.

The image above is one student's (Ernest Smith) rendering of East Bay, a retailer of athletic clothing.

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ERNEST said...

Great work, I love this piece, what's the artist name?