Monday, April 16, 2007

Design and Governmentality

I had the opportunity to speak to a graduate design class at University of Illinois at Chicago about my role as a designer within the Federal Government. The one thing that the preparation for my presentation help me to do is to look over my cubicle walls to ask myself some of the larger questions about how we a the Bureau of the Census go about our work.

It is natural to focus on the task at hand, often to the exclusion of the bigger interconnected picture, and thus potentially missing key opportunities to do things differently. An area that needs significant work is always in communication, and that is also the case here at Census. Henceforth, I will work on identifying and connecting the dots in such away to better communicate the story of the Census and its many operations both internally and externally.

Also, it is interesting to think about the artifacts that are produce by governmental institutions that reflect for the citizenry there primary contact with policy.

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