Monday, March 10, 2014

Shoe Design 1850 and 2014

Well heeled feet over the years.
Half-boots (ankle boots) were popular for men from the 1830s right up to the Depression in the 1930s. Most were made of leather, though softer materials were popular for informal wear. The elastic-sided boot was patented in 1837 by J. Sparkes Hall of 308 Regent Street, London, as a result of experiments made with India rubber cloth. The elasticated side gussets eliminated the need for laces and button fastenings. Instead, the boots could simply be pulled on with the help of the fabric loop positioned at the back of the ankle. Victoria and Albert Museum
Nike's new Kobe Bryant shoe makes use of a new manufacturing technology that reduces the cost of making its Flyknit shoes compared to their traditional methods. What is the chance that the savings will result in an affordably price shoe? Businessweek Article: Nike's Flyknit the Swoosh of the Future?

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