Monday, May 04, 2009

The Future: Large Format eReaders?

Whispers are increasing that Apple has plans for a tablet size computer. But, presently there are a few ebook type devices most notably the Kindle by Amazon, that are already on the market.

These devices may just alter the way we compose written material. Newspaper organization should work hard to explore the potential of moving away from the costly method of printing and distributing its product. By developing a business model that would leverage this technology could just save the news organization from collapsing.

One can remember the recent lesson of the music industry's failure to explore the opportunity to respond to customers during the early days of the Napster phenomenon. Music company rejected the opportunity to innovate, and chose to sue its customers rather than provide a means for consumers to purchase music online. And so, leaving a wonderful opportunity for an outside player, Apple Inc., to provide the tools to satisfy the public demand for sharing and purchasing music online. Likewise, Associate Press(AP)last week vowed to pull back its content from online news gathering sites like Google News etc.

My recommendation would be for the AP to develop an approach to the future that explores seriously a move to distribute their content by way of these new crop of eReaders from which they could expanded their customer base and generate new streams of revenue.

Today just before a Senate hearing on newspapers:

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., said steps must be taken so the news media can stay diverse and independent.

"As a means of conveying news in a timely way, paper and ink have become obsolete, eclipsed by the power, efficiency and technological elegance of the Internet," Kerry said in prepared remarks. "But just looking at the erosion of newspapers is not the full picture; it's just one casualty of a completely shifting and churning information landscape."

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