Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Selection of the New National Museum of African American History and Culture

The selection has been made on the design that will house a museum devoted to presenting the history and culture of African Americans to the world. The winning design selected from six finalist, is a structure that fits comfortably into the architectural landscape of the national mall, as well as capturing the textures of the experiences and aspirations of a people. The winning team of Freelon Group/Adjaye Associates & David Brody Bond in association with SmithGroup led by David Adjaye.

The land on which the museum will sit is situated caddy-corner to the George Washington monument. Follow the link below to view the five other finalist.

Smithsonian Article

Article: Pursuing Public Space...Studies of David Adjaye

"In accepting the commission, Mr. Adjaye described it as “the dream of my career” and said that the group’s concept for the building — an elevated “mound” dominated by a two-tiered structure that he called a “celebration crown” — focused on the idea of a canopy or porchlike setting for people “to come as a respite, to come and view, to learn.” He said he believed that the primary spirit behind the building, whose interior will be open to skylights at its top, would be one of praise.

“Throughout the history of African-American struggle and celebration, there are these moments of praise,” he said. “It’s for us a deeply spiritual and powerful culture.”

Audio: Interview with David Adjaye

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