Monday, April 13, 2009

The Future of the Printed News: What will it Look Like?

The conversation around the failing printed newspaper industry is another demonstration of the impact of technology causing disruption within an industry. The loss of the journalist as challenger/investigators of truth for the public good is thought to be in danger as well. I am not sure that is the case, but that question I will leave for another to explore. But, what comes to mind is the other industries that have faced similar challenges as a result of the pace of technological advances in the past thirty years

The auto and music industries are other examples that come to mind, and whose failure to adjust their business models to accommodate emerging opportunities afforded by new technology advances left many companies little choice having ignored the early opportunities to respond.These examples are also mark by successes, companies who were not asleep to the opportunities but used them to expand their markets by providing the consumer greater value perceived or real. (i.e.Toyota with their Hybrid technology; Apple in terms of distributing music digitally through their iPod/iTunes products; Goggle with its ever expanding digital products).

In each case of failure, the focus on short term markers, seems to have cost many of the organizations and in some cases entire industries from prospering during the last thirty years of massive technological evolution.

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