Sunday, July 27, 2008

Product Design: The Machine that will Strenghten Starbucks

Like the Dyson vacuum, the Clover (a commercial single serving coffee machine) was developed by a product designer who applied his skills to improving an existing device and in-turn moves an entire industry forward.

How it works: The Clover looks like just another countertop coffee machine. But peek under the hood and you'll find an innovative brewing system. Here's how it works: 1. A barista selects dose, water temperature, and steep time. 2. A piston pulls down the filter platform while freshly ground coffee is poured into the chamber. 3. Hot water flows into the chamber. 4. The barista briskly stirs the grounds with a whisk, and the water and beans steep for several seconds. 5.The piston rises, creating a vacuum that separates the brew from the grounds, then lowers, forcing the joe out of a nozzle below. 6. The piston rises to the surface again, pushing up a disc of grounds, which are squeegeed away. (wired magazine 2008)

Wired Article

NY Times Article

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