Friday, August 31, 2007

Graphic Design: Album Art

This CD cover caught my attention with its straight forward use of 2D design principles.

Here we can see the use of negative and positive space manipulated in a way to enhance the contrast between the forground and background. The designer may use of two strategies used to make compositions interesting. First, the of the subject, musician Kirk Whalum, is pushed to the far right of the frame and cropped. The second technique employeed was, the centering of text within the negative space which provides balance to the composition which is comforting for the viewer. Finally, within the text itself is an expression (symbol) of the driving concept behind the album and the cover graphic. The circle with an arrow head substituted for the letter 'O' reflects the artist revisiting older works and mixing them with newer pieces.

The use of these few graphic design techniques results in an appealing visual message.

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