Saturday, August 08, 2009

Essay: Seattle Central Library: Civic Architecture in the Age of Media

Amy Murphy writes an interesting piece on the influence of media and its impact on Architecture.

"While all of technology might be involved in this inversion to some extent, media technology has had the most powerful impact on the general population and its relationship to urban experience. Media today is more mediatory than ever, insinuating itself between us and everything else. In particular, digitization has created a situation where media is now not only a means by which we understand the world (as with traditional media like newspapers), but increasingly the means by which we experience it. Even when we visit real urban spaces such as Times Square, the plurality of experience suggested by the two words “public city,” has been slurred into one word — “publicity.” Through this slurring, the larger experiential potentials of architecture, as well as media, more often than not become diminished."
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