Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Shape of Things

On a recent trip to NYC, I realized how important it is for a designer to understand shape. In this case I am thinking of shape as the form or outline of an object.

This was a conclusion that was partially formed by seeing the popularity of the converse sneakers on so many New Yorkers. I thought how well the low profile of converse "all star" worked with the slim leg/ saggy bottom jeans that so many new yorker's have adopted. And so, the look (shape)that these two pieces of clothing create is part of their overall appeal. The the slim slacks and the low profile of the "all star" make a union that highlights the owners legs and feet, allowing them to be visually connected in away that works so well.

Shape is also a concept that I am currently teaching in my Typography class. And so, I realize how one most develop the ability to see figure and ground relationship such that beyond seeing the object one can also see the space around it.

Pharell talk and sings about his Chucks.

Converse Video

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