Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Design History: Nike and Jordan Changed the Game

Just to continue the theme of the influence of icons in capturing the minds of the consuming public when they endorse if not actually participate in the design of a product. In 1985 Micheal Jordan sign with Nike and release the first Air Jordan.

"The Air Jordan franchise created the most coveted basketball footwear in the world and changed the basketball landscape forever," said Nike Brand President Charlie Denson.

Unlike most basketball shoes to date, which were often white and utilitarian, the Air Jordan was a shock of black and red. It was initially banned by the NBA for not conforming with other players' shoes.

The shoe's pricing was also revolutionary in breaking the $100 mark, resulting in complaints of exploitation and profit gouging. This latest version will top $200, and is being sold as being ecologically sensitive.

Chicago Tribune Article

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