Thursday, October 04, 2007

Design Masters: Paola Antonelli

This MOMA curator can lay claim to being the most influential woman in design, though she would not say so herself.

I remember coming across her book Mutant Materials and finding it the best book on materials for a non-chemist/ student of design. By the way I am still looking to get my hands on a copy that I can call my own.

This month's Fast Company magazine profiles Ms. Antonelli and other designers in their annual Design Masters issue.

Fast Company Article

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Tanya said...

I should've known you'd read this article. I intended to email you as soon as got this issue, but I was trying to wait until I finished the article, which I still haven't. How do you have time to read so many different mags. I can't finish one these days. I guess that's why I read your blog to stay on top of things! LOL!